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Yes indeed! I have a new comic called Metrophor! It's a collaborative project with my brother, Chris. He is the writer and I'm the artist. It's a dystopian fantasy. This is not to say that it won't have comedy. We both have a very similar sense of humor and can't stand to be without it. But the setting is definately dystopian. There's even an archive of a couple of comics right to begin with! Also, if you want to find the Gigcast podcast interview I was a part of, it can be found here.

Got the final panel up. Hopefully now people won't read the end first. Oh yes, I've also written an article for the Keenspace webzine 'Keenspace Monthly" (although technically, Keenspace will be changing its name soon...keep your eye out for that!). It's probably of more interest to any of you who have your own webcomics. The zine in general, as the title implies, focuses more on Keenspace related topics, but I think that there's also a broader connection to webcomics in general. The zine can be found here.

What's this?! An update? Heavens above! ;}
Well, it's sort of an update, anyway. It's not Mixed Myth, but it is a little something just to let you guys know that I havn't given up comicing completely. And hey, this time you get it all at once. No waiting for ages for me to get the next page done. Though...I do want to do a title page for it. It'd be cool to get it in print, actually, but I'm not sure where since is too expensive for a seven page story and comixpress seems to have their hands full. Alas.

It is done.
Yes, this is the end of Mixed Myth. Effectivly. I will make a single panel to put up so that people don't read the end first when they stumble on the site, but this is really it. Yeah, I can't believe it. Three and a half years, about 500 comics, and god only knows how long I spent drawing it all. Well. Thanks to all of you who had the patience to stick this through, put up with my spelling ;}, and the increasingly lax updates. I feel like there is so much that I should say, but I have no idea what it is. Isn't that always the case?

So what now? Well, I'm not disappearing. I might do a few 'short story' style comics. If I do, I'll stick them on the end of the first and second CDs of Mixed Myth compilations. They aren't for sale now. I need to go through and redo all the fonts (and yes, fix spelling). The second one hasn't even been designed yet. But that is what I want to do. I would also like to have a print version, but I can't gurantee this one. The mix of greyscale and color comics makes finding an affordable publishing price very difficult. I will try to increase the ammount of things for sale, though. For example, I plan to do some Mixed Myth resin miniatures. All of this will be over a broad base of time, of course. Redoing the fonts of 500 comics in and of itself is going to be quite the task.

But don't think I'm done doing comics, either. I do have an idea for a next project. However, it will not be a webcomic. I want to do something in print. Also, I will not publish it until it is fully written. That way, I can polish the script to the finest that I can produce.

So I carry on...

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